Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What is home?
I work in a nursing home and all day long the residents in the dementia ward repeat 'I want to go home' they no longer have any idea what 'home' is anymore but it's something they say over and over again and it makes me curious as to what their idea or perception of their home looks like?
I've travelled the world and a lot of those places felt like home to me, and when you would leave, it wasn't so much as 'homesick' because you knew you wouldn't be returning for a while, but it was almost like a broken heart, whenever I think about it, my heart hurts a little bit.
It wasn't as though I'd met somebody over there and fallen in love, I'm in love with several places themselves and I'm in love with the memories I have over there, but they're just memories now.
But it brings me back to my opening question, what is home?
Is it the people we include in our home; that make it a home, the possessions, the memories, where you felt safest or is it everything?
But what if your home included nobody you knew, a suitcase of your belongings and you in a big city on the other side of the world completely void of anybody from your 'home'?